Department of Earth Science
University of Bergen
Allegaten 41, N-5007 Bergen, Norway
Phone: +(47) 55 58 34 23
Fax: +(47) 55 58 36 60
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The primary goal of my research is to better image the structure of the earth’s crust and mantle in order to gain insight into the physical and chemical factors associated with internal geodynamic processes. Questions of particular interest include the nature of tectonic processes involved in the buildup and subsequent modification of continental and oceanic lithosphere; the determination of mineral and fluid-phase reactions in tectonically active regions; and the implications of core-mantle boundary properties on large-scale mantle circulation. In my research, I integrate new approaches to modelling seismic data with high quality broadband waveform data sets, including those from temporary seismometer arrays.

I am currently working with students and colleagues on the following projects:

1- Global Lithospheric Imaging using Earthquakes Recordings - GLImER (click here to access website)

2- Subduction zone Water and Metamorphism: a Modelling and Imaging Study - SWaMMIS (click here to access website) )

3- Imaging deep structure with teleseismic migration

4- Mapping of ultralow velocity zones from broadband data sections

5- High-resolution imaging of the central-Alaskan subduction zone

6- Teleseismic imaging of the Archean Slave craton (Northwest Territories, Canada) - click here to see photos of the experiment

7- Multidisciplinary Experiment for Dynamic Understanding of Subduction under the Aegean - MEDUSA (click here to access website)